Emergency Dentistry

Your Emergency Dentist in Miami, FL

A painful toothache, broken filling, or knocked out tooth can be some of the most painful circumstances you’ll ever experience. Finding an emergency dentist in Miami, FL is the best solution for fast pain relief and protecting the future of your smile.

Common Dental Emergencies We See

Ramon Bana, DDS provides same-day emergency care in most situations.

The sooner you can see our emergency dentist in Miami, FL, the faster we’ll be able to provide you with the care and relief that you deserve.

Some of the reasons we may need to see you right away include:

  • Dental abscess
  • Facial pain or swelling
  • Toothaches, cracked, or broken teeth
  • A chipped or knocked-out tooth
  • Broken dentures

What to Do if You’re in Pain

As soon as you’ve experienced a dental emergency, contact our Miami practice.

We’ll walk you through what the first steps should be, whether it means heading directly to our office or waiting until the next business day.

If you’ve chipped or knocked out a tooth, try to locate it and store the fragment in a sealed container, submerged in milk or contact solution.

For swelling or pain, take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. A cold compress can also be used to keep inflammation down.

American Dental Association Dental Emergency Guide

Click here for a handy dental emergency guide from the ADA.

Try to stay calm, and give us a call!

(305) 857-3731

Will I Need My Tooth Removed?

As soon as you’ve experienced a dental emergency, contact our Miami practice.

Ramon Bana, DDS aims to preserve and repair damaged teeth when at all possible. As an emergency dentist in Miami, FL, Dr. Bana is focused just as much on the long-term effects of your urgent care as he is the immediate comfort concerns. If we deem that your tooth is no longer restorable or so infected that immediate pain relief is challenging, an extraction may be recommended.

In Pain? Don't Delay!

Contact emergency dentist Dr. Ramon Bana in Miami, FL today. New patients are always welcome!